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The Year Ahead for Exponential ETFs

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A hearty welcome to 2018 from Exponential ETFs!

The ETF industry is dominated by goliaths. Therefore, to separate ourselves in this world we plan to engage the investment community in thoughtful discussion about topics and ideas that others won’t touch. We, in essence, need to show investors that in areas of thought leadership, size is not an adequate measure of value.

To that end, we have put together what we feel is a world class ETF team and followed/set best practices in offering an innovative suite of products.

In the first quarter of 2018 we are going take a look at size as a factor, and what it means to be invested in the large cap US equity space. We intend to dive into this issue from a variety of angles and across different media formats, in a real time and in a market relevant way.

Academic Perspective: How has the meaning of large cap changed over time? In a market where the largest companies are approaching 900 billion, how should the industry be thinking about diversification and classification across such a broad spectrum? Additionally, in the same way in which Exponential ETFs is striving to show that size is not necessarily an indication of leadership or value, we will be analyzing if the same is true for companies and top rate customer experiences.

ETF Industry Perspective: Why was cap weighted indexing the traditional default? and what has changed that has allowed smart beta and alternative weighting schemes to thrive? Is this effect a net positive for the ETF industry? Is the direction we are heading beneficial to investors?

Advisor Perspective: We will explore the results of an in-depth data driven survey of members of the advisor community to look at the different strengths and weaknesses of independent RIAs vs those at the wirehouses.  Additionally, what does the purchase decision look like when dealing with large vs small ETF issuers. What are the costs, benefits and considerations of each?

We want to introduce our products to the investment community and create a forum to discuss and shape the future of the industry. Check back in for content as we roll out blogs, articles and podcasts on the above topics and more from a host of characters here at Exponential ETFs.

We are looking forward to getting to know you in 2018!

Posted by: Josh Blechman 02/13/2018

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