What Went Right In 2018, Looking to 2019 (EP.24)

//What Went Right In 2018, Looking to 2019 (EP.24)
Nordstrom Board Kills Buyout Possibility..

What Went Right In 2018, Looking to 2019 (EP.24)

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Exponential ETFs Chief Strategist Kevin Quigg and Director of Capital Markets Josh Blechman take inventory of Exponential ETFs’ 2018 research, articles and blog posts to grade ourselves on what we themes we hit and which we missed during this up and down market year. We examine the role played by the “Size” factor, looked back at FAANG throughout the year including what drove the uncoupling of the trade. We analyze the changing definition of “Cheap” as It pertains to value stocks and discuss efficient means of accessing those factors in the market. Additionally, listen to learn about the core value proposition behind Amazon’s Empire, if the ETF market place has a hidden Achilles heel and in what industries do we see opportunity moving forward.

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