Single Factors: Diversification with Differentiation (EP.37)

//Single Factors: Diversification with Differentiation (EP.37)
Amazon’s foray into online pharmacy could be a “game changer”, says Phil Bak..

Single Factors: Diversification with Differentiation (EP.37)

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Phil is joined by Sam Huszczo, founder of SGH Wealth Management. Sam talks about how he modernized SGH Wealth Management, and how using single factor ETFs were instrumental in that transition. They talk about Sam’s time as head of the CFA Society of Detroit, and what a local chapter head does. The two debate whether the factor framework is replacing classic securities valuation models, and why multi-factor ETFs can water down the point of using smart beta funds. The two talk about ETF sales models and what adds value to Sam and his practice, and round out the conversation with a look at regulation in the industry and some buzz about what is happening in Detroit.

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