On the ETF Experience Podcast we take you behind the scenes of the asset management industry to talk investing, trading, best practices and how to build better portfolios.

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AdvisorsUNITE (EP.51)

Phil is joined by Alex Chalekian, Founder and CEO of Lake Avenue Financial to discuss the changing nature of the financial planning and advice

Detroit Invests in You: Part One (EP.50)

Exponential ETFs is excited to welcome Tyrone Ross Jr., as our Director of Financial Education. Josh Blechman and Tyrone discuss Exponential ETFs’ Detroit Invests

Alternative Investments (EP.49)

Bill Kelly, CEO of the CAIA organization and self-described evangelist for alternative investment education and investor due diligence joins Phil to talk all things

REPLAY: Cheers to Three Years (EP.48)

Phil and Charles enjoy a Manhattan to reflect on three years of Exponential ETFs, tell the company origin story, and explain what an ETF sub-advisor

Epsilon Theory: Part One (EP.47)

Ben Hunt Co-Founder and partner at Second Foundation Partners & Author at Epsilon Theory explains how pricing power has evolved in the financial services

The ETF Approval Process (EP.46)

Kathleen Moriarty, Partner at Chapman and Cutler, and the lawyer who spearheaded countless ETF innovations joins Phil to talk about the legal and regulatory

Bps, Pieces and Wrestling (EP.45)

Phil heads to Huber Financial in Chicago to meet with their CIO, Phil Huber to talk about factor investing, blogging and more. They discuss:

Utility vs Entertainment (EP.44)

Oliver Renick from TD Ameritrade Network joins Phil to talk about how new media programming is shaking things up the financial media, and how