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Exponential ETFs manages ETFs for select best-in-class asset managers who provide new and novel ETF ideas that add value to the marketplace. Exponential is currently providing Operational and/or Sub-Advisory services to the following partners:

Amplify ETFs, sponsored by Amplify Investments, believes the ETF structure empowers investors through efficiency, transparency and flexibility. Using those benefits as a foundation, Amplify seeks to build ETFs powered by investment strategies from index providers and asset managers within unique market segments. We believe our multi-layered approach amplifies opportunities for investors. Amplify is also the sponsor of YieldShares, a brand of income-oriented ETFs.

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Brandometry is focused on the intangible asset space, identifying well-known brands with unrealized value, brands in emerging and developing markets throughout the world, and companies with brands that offer unique investment opportunities. Our name reflects the importance brands have in the financial markets and how they can help shape an investment strategy.

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