Benjamin Lavine – Macro Headwinds & Mixed Signals (EP.31)

//Benjamin Lavine – Macro Headwinds & Mixed Signals (EP.31)
Dave Nadig and Steven Schoenfeld – Past, Present, and Future of the Industry (EP.19)..

Benjamin Lavine – Macro Headwinds & Mixed Signals (EP.31)

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Phil and Josh are joined by Benjamin Lavine, CIO of 3D Asset Management, a TAMP platform and model portfolio provider. Ben shares his macro outlook in light of the recent yield curve inversion and global events and shows where how the global markets are showing mixed signals. After walking through the macro environment, Ben shares some recent research about the leveraged loan market which leads to a discussion on how to evaluate corporate credit and the efficacy of the rating agencies. The three debate using quantitative factors for evaluating credit risk, as opposed to relying on the rating agencies. Finally, the discussion goes back to the ETF industry and how smart beta funds are a way to use those quantitative factors in place of traditional active management.

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