Fintech & Gratitude (EP.27)

//Fintech & Gratitude (EP.27)
Nordstrom Board Kills Buyout Possibility..

Fintech & Gratitude (EP.27)

2019-07-17T10:41:27-04:00By |

Phil is joined by Tyrone Ross of NobleBridge Wealth and Michael Venuto of Toroso Investments. The crew starts off by discussing how to mix venture capital with traditional asset allocation models, and Mike tells us about the new Millennial Permanent Portfolio. Phil brings up Fintech and wonders why ETFs are not considered part of the Fintech genre. The Fintech discussion leads into Crypto and Mike and Tyrone make the bullish case to Phil, who is the crypto skeptic. Finally, Tyrone shares his back-story and why he makes sure to express gratitude on a regular basis.

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