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June 28, 2019
By Exponential ETFs

As we head into the second half of 2019 I am very excited about what we have coming up for the ETF Experience Podcast – over the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out episodes with Catherine Wood of Ark, Craig Lazzara at S&P, “Random” Roger Nusbaum, and a few surprise guests that are going to be informative, inspirational and fun.

I thought it would be a good time at the half-way point in the year to stop and take note of the shows we have had so far. Below is an index of all our guests and episodes in the first half of 2019, along with my favorite quote from each one. You can listen to the podcast directly from our website, or you can easily and quickly subscribe here:

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-Phil Bak, host of the ETF Experience Podcast


Drew Voros- Editor-in Chief, ETF.com

Credibility and a Tough Industry

“The biggest asset we have, as does any media organization, is credibility. You can’t buy it, you can’t hire it, but you can sure lose it quickly.” – Drew Voros


Laura Morrison- Senior VP of Global Products, Cboe Global

Changes and Exchanges

“The enhancements that we’re rolling out in the third quarter here at Cboe take it to the next level.” – Laura Morrison


Sam Huszczo-  Founder, SGH Wealth Management

Single Factors: Diversification with Differentiation

“The point of having a factor is to be different than the index. With multi-factor, you combine six factors and all of a sudden you are back to what the S&P 500 holds.” – Sam Huszczo


Ed Lopez- Head of ETF Product, VanEck

The Enigma Asset Manager

“Move forward, learn and adapt. What I took that to mean is: enough analysis by paralysis. Maybe we don’t know everything about this opportunity, asset class, or whatever it is. Let’s move forward and figure out what we don’t know, adapt, and learn.” – Ed Lopez


Linda Zhang- CEO and Founder, Pureview Investments

Where Quant and ESG Collide

“I believe it’s time to think about the third dimension. Which is, our portfolio’s impact on the environment and on society.” – Linda Zhang


Charles Ragauss- Managing Director, Exponential ETFs

Cheers to Three Years

“A good sub-adviser is critical, knows every aspect of the business, provides an extra level of compliance and risk management, and you don’t know they are there.” – Charles Ragauss


Jason Raznick- CEO, Benzinga

Detroit Hustles Harder

“Life is short. I want people to have fun, be inspired, work hard and accomplish way more than they ever thought they could on their own.” – Jason Raznick


Christian Magoon- Founder and CEO, Amplify ETFs

Smashing ETF Misconceptions

“We’re getting to a point where many of the top sponsors make more money from other product lines than ETFs. To me that’s the tail wagging the dog and the ETF industry ought to wake up because I don’t think that’s going to be a good outcome eventually for ETF investors and ultimately the ETF vehicle itself.” – Christian Magoon


Benjamin Lavine- CIO, 3D Asset Management
Co-hosted by Josh Blechman- Director of Capital Markets, Exponential ETFs

Macro Headwinds & Mixed Signals

“In essence what ETFs have done, what rules-based ETFs have done, outside of traditional market cap weighting, is they have brought transparency into what traditional mutual funds have delivered to the investor.” – Benjamin Lavine


Teddy Fusaro- COO, Bitwise Asset Management

How Crypto Stole the ETF Mojo

“One of the things that is endlessly fascinating about bitcoin and crypto is the types of people that it draws, and the reasons that it draws them.” – Teddy Fusaro


Patrick Gelshenen- Executive Director, TOBAM
Co-hosted by Josh Blechman- Director of Capital Markets, Exponential ETFs

The Factor of Cap Weight

“Shopping for investments hasn’t really been rewarded that way. Diversified portfolios haven’t been rewarded that way. What’s been rewarded has been to be concentrated in the US Equity market.” – Patrick Gelshenen


Deborah Fuhr- Managing Partner & Founder, ETFGI

Women in ETFs & ETFs Around the World

“Part of it is, women probably need a bit more support, they need to take a bit more risk, and so I think that links to why we set up women in ETFs is because of the whole idea of: connect, support and inspire women.” – Deborah Fuhr


Tyrone Ross- Managing Partner, NobleBridge Wealth Management
Mike Venuto- CIO and Co-Founder, Toroso Investments

Fintech & Gratitude

“I got it good, I got it good when I look at my family… I don’t do this to drive a Ferrari. I do this because there is a family that is not going to eat tonight and the lights are off. Or you were a kid like I was and the landlord is banging on your door saying ‘you’ve got to get everything you have in here and get out. I don’t know where my family is, I’m the only one home, there is no cell phone. I want to prevent – I get emotional now just thinking about it – if I can prevent some kid from going through that, I’m good.”- Tyrone Ross

“I don’t want people to think this is something to buy just to trade. You are buying this to own a part of internet 2.0, which is transactions.” – Michael Venuto


Reggie Browne- Principal, GTS
Joanne Hill- Chief Advisor for Research and Strategy, CBOE Vest

Institutional Investors Adopting ETFs

“ETFs are leading the forefront of lowering costs and bringing competition. You talked about the costs of mutual funds, it’s largely being affected because ETFs came to marketplace and brought competition to the marketplace. And now you’re seeing expense ratios across all vehicle types come down because now you have transparency, competition, and you have a choice. That’s really important.” – Reggie Browne

“I think that we are going to see more innovative strategies be put into the ETF packaging. ETFs are highly regulated and that gives people comfort in using them.” – Joanne Hill

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