Ben Hunt – Epsilon Theory: Part One (EP.47)

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Ben Hunt – Epsilon Theory: Part One (EP.47)..

Ben Hunt – Epsilon Theory: Part One (EP.47)

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Ben Hunt Co-Founder and partner at Second Foundation Partners & Author at Epsilon Theory explains how pricing power has evolved in the financial services industry and explains how narratives are formed. This is the first part of a breathtaking conversation between Ben and Phil about how the financial markets are being turned into government utilities right before our eyes. This part of the discussion includes:

  • Ben’s experience in academia
  • Why Phil and Ben were each destined to end up in entrepreneurship
  • Being right versus making money for clients
  • Anatomy of a short seller
  • Being early versus being wrong
  • The market not rewarding deep work and the disconnect from intrinsic value
  • The transformation of capital markets
  • Pricing power: client ownership
  • Pricing power: intellectual property
  • Pricing power: government collaboration
  • The narrative machine
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