Detroit Invests in You: Part One (EP.50)

//Detroit Invests in You: Part One (EP.50)
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Detroit Invests in You: Part One (EP.50)

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Exponential ETFs is excited to welcome Tyrone Ross Jr., as our Director of Financial Education. Josh Blechman and Tyrone discuss Exponential ETFs’ Detroit Invests in You initiative, aimed at increasing financial literacy across the city of Detroit. Tyrone discusses his personal connection to this cause and the life changing impact this program can have. Topics include:

  • Tyrone’s personal journey to financial literacy
  • The role that crypto-currency can play in serving under-banked banked communities
  • Crypto’s role is spurring investment interest in communities that have not traditionally participated
  • Challenges of bitcoin – Hype vs Utility
  • How social media allows an Advisor to stand out and connect with a community
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