How Crypto Stole the ETF Mojo (EP.30)

//How Crypto Stole the ETF Mojo (EP.30)
Amazon’s foray into online pharmacy could be a “game changer”, says Phil Bak..

How Crypto Stole the ETF Mojo (EP.30)

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Phil talks with Teddy Fusaro, COO of Bitwise Asset Management about Teddy’s transition from the ETF industry to being a CryptoCurrency innovator. Phil hits Teddy with some tough questions about the viability of crypto currency, and the two discuss innovation, the future of payments, and the Wisdom of Bitwise board member Naval Ravikant. The conversation circles back to ETFs and why the ETF market is tougher now than ever before, and how Phil and Exponential plan to navigate the storm in the asset management industry.

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