Challenges of ETF Market Makers: Chris Hempstead and Dan Cupkovic (EP.20)

//Challenges of ETF Market Makers: Chris Hempstead and Dan Cupkovic (EP.20)
Here’s Why Apple is Sitting Pretty in Hardware Sales..

Exponential ETFs Chief Strategist Kevin Quigg and Director of Capital Markets Josh Blechman delve into topics including: Possible reasons behind the stock market’s relative indifference to this latest rounds of earnings “Beats”; Imagining a future where legalized sports betting is part of an individual’s standard asset allocation and housed within a unified brokerage account; Best/Worst parts of the Fall Season; and a conversation with Chris Hempstead, Head of ETF Sales at Deutsche Bank – on the capabilities and challenges of ETF market makers, the role they play in the ETF eco-system and how technology is changing everything.

Bonus Segment: An interview with Dan Cupkovic, Director of Investments at ARGI Financial Group – On the newly launched BlackSwan Growth and Treasury Core ETF (SWAN). The fund is designed to protect against (you guessed it) BlackSwan events. With the majority of assets in historically low-volatility Treasuries, remaining assets are used to purchase “in-the-money” calls (options with a strike price below the market price on the S&P 500). The goal is to achieve capital appreciation above inflation while minimizing volatility as compared to standard asset-allocated investments. Excellent insight is provided on the idea behind the design and where this product fits within a portfolio allocation model.

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